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Servicepedia: New tool for Citizenpedia

Deusto University as leader of the Citizenpedia component of the SIMPATICO project is always trying to improve it. For this reason, once the first phase concluded, the feedback obtained from the three use cases (Galicia, Sheffield and Trento) related to Citizenpedia was analysed.

One of the most repeated comment was the lack of contextualization of the questions and answers. Although Citizenpedia shows a link which redirects to the e-service page where the question or answer was created, we realized that it was not enough. The problem of this approach is that the user must be logged in to see the information of the e-service.

In order to improve this, a new tool inside the Citizenpedia is being implemented. This new tool is the Servicepedia. The Servicepedia integrates the descriptions of the e-services and administrative procedures with the information on the QAE (Question and Answers) and CPD CPD (Collaborative Procedure Design) to have all the elements contextualized. This approach gives the user the possibility to see a description of the element related to the question and answer, without the need of going to another webpage. In the figure a page of the Servicepedia is shown. the description of an administrative procedure and the step it is composed of is shown on it. Each block has two icons that links the Servicepedia with the QAE and.

The implementation of the Servicepedia is almost finished, is in a beta status in order to detect the errors it could have. Once the errors are solved it will be integrated to the rest of the components and it will be use in the second phase of the three pilots.

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