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The SIMPATICO consortium counts on a highly competent international teams consisting of an internationally well recognized research institute (Fondazione Bruno Kessler), two prestigious universities (DEUSTO and the University of Sheffield), a large company (Engineering Group), three innovative SMEs (Hi Iberia, Sparta Digital, Business Engineering) and three public administrations (Comune de Trento, Xunta de Galicia, Sheffield City Council), for a total of ten organizations from three countries.

FBK- Fondazione Bruno Kessler

High quality research with impact on the market and society

FBK is a research non-profit public interest entity. Building on a history of more than half a century, FBK aims to excel in science and technology with particular emphasis on interdisciplinary approaches and to impact in market and society.

Engineering Group

The Leader in Digital Transformation, Innovation for Public Administration and Social Innovation
Engineering is one of the biggest IT companies in Italy. We produce IT innovation to more than 1,000 large clients, with a complete offer combining system and business integration, outsourcing, cloud services, consulting, and proprietary solutions.

Business Engineering

Do what you plan, plan what you improve, improve what you control, control what you do.
BEng offers professional consulting and technology services to highly innovative organizations who wish to undertake a course of engineering of its business processes.

Comune de Trento

1st medium-sized smart city in 2018 and partner in many H2020 projects

Ranked as the 1st medium-sized smart city in 2018, Trento is working hard towards becoming smarter every year. Trento experiments with a lot of innovative technological solutions to improve its citizens quality of life and simplifying their interactions with the PA.


Applying ICTs to address Societal Challenges: ageing, open government and sustainability.

DeustoTech-Societal Challenges research unit undertakes basic and applied research on the topics of advanced Human-Environment Interaction, AI for User Behaviour Learning and Environment Reaction, Ubiquitous Web, Linked and Big Data. 


Developers of innovative ICT solutions in Spain
HI Iberia is a dynamic SME in Madrid with almost 20 years experience in delivering high quality ICT solutions to its customers. We work in public safety applications, data analytics, artificial intelligence, smart city solutions and health and remote care software.

Xunta de Galicia

The department of the regional government in Galicia, sited in the northwest of Spain, that is focused on elderly people and people with functional diversity.

Galicia is a region sited in the northwest of Spain characterized by a sparse distribution of the population, especially in the rural centre of the region, and large rural areas with a low population density where the access to public services is harder.

University of Sheffield

Home of one of the largest and most successful language processing groups in the UK.

The Natural Language Processing Research Group, established in 1993, has a strong global reputation. It has extensive experience in the fields of NLP infrastructures, text adaptation (including text simplification), machine translation, machine learning, information extraction, dialogue systems, lexicography, and social media.

Sparta Digital

Leading Smart City digital agency based in Manchester

We provide engagement solutions for a range of challenges using cutting edge technologies such as mobile applications, data visualisation, AR applications and smart city solutions. Our expertise has seen us work on many exciting Smart City solutions.

Sheffield City Council

England’s third largest metropolitan authority

England’s third largest metropolitan authority, the city grew is nowadays characterised by a combination of modern industry (particularly in metallurgy and steel making) and services, including two major universities that together host approximately 60,000 students.

Trento is working hard towards transforming itself into a Smart City, in such a context the digitalization of all interactions between the PA and its citizens is a priority.

As part of its “smart city” strategy, Trento released a new e-service portal, Sportello Online, which serves as a unique access point that offers integrated and facilitated access to all the various services.