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Sheffield is England’s third largest metropolitan authority and is nowadays characterised by a combination of modern industry (particularly in metallurgy and steel making) and services, including two major universities that together host approximately 60,000 students.

As common in many other places in the UK, there has been an increase in the level of international migration to Sheffield. Sheffield is an ethnically diverse city, with around 19% of its population from black or minority ethnic groups.

Migrant s living in a new country face several challenges. These include the language of the new country, which is often different from the migrant’s native language, and a general understanding of the processes, laws and regulations that govern many of the day-to-day tasks that are required to fully integrate the migrant as a citizen of the new country.

By personalising its workflow and content, including simplifying it and translating important concepts, SIMPATICO will minimise the number of face-to-face/phone interactions and the need for translation or interpreting, thus making the process faster and cheaper.

Trento is working hard towards transforming itself into a Smart City, in such a context the digitalization of all interactions between the PA and its citizens is a priority.

As part of its “smart city” strategy, Trento released a new e-service portal, Sportello Online, which serves as a unique access point that offers integrated and facilitated access to all the various services.